Mental Health activists worry with Failure to Utilize Mental Awareness Month

By: Yankho Maunjiri

Mental Health activists say it is unfortunate that the country did not utilize the month of May as Mental Health Awareness month to sensitize people on mental health issues.

Mental Health Activist Mwiza Mphande said lack of interest on the month shows the country has a long way to go on issues of mental health.

Mwiza Mphande

“To be honest we haven’t done impressively it is a month where we were supposed to have serious events maybe because Malawi as a country is going through a lot and people are focused on other things but it would have been an opportunity for the country and people in rural areas to know more about mental health”, said Mphande.

Without saying the magnitude or the exact figure to determine how serious the problem of mental health is in Malawi, Mphande said the problem is big and needs collaborative efforts from government and non-governmental organizations to deal with it.

“The problem we have in this country is that people do not work together. There are a lot and of organisations in this country that advocate for mental health but do not work together”, concluded Mphande.