Minister Usi calls on investors to promote talents among youths

By Our Reporter

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife Michael Usi has called on investors to work with the government in uplifting and promoting talents among the youths.

The Minister made the remarks during AMAPIANO Splash Balcon event on Saturday September 18,2021 at Amaryllis Hotel in the Commercial city of Blantyre.
Usi said now time has come for investors to work with government in promoting the hidden talents among the youths saying this contributes a lot to the social-economic development of the country.

He said there are a lot of talented youths in the rural areas and semi urban areas whose their talents remain unpromoted and unexposed due to financial challenges.
” This is now time for you investors to work with the government in uplifting and promoting the hiden talents among the youths who do not have stable finances to do this on their own. Let us organize free music shows where the youths can demostrate their talents for free like what Amaryllis hotel has done for organizing this amapiano balcony event”, said Usi.

Hon Usi

Usi added that the government is open to creative minds on whatever is going to shape the creative industry in the country. He called upon people who have various talents which they think can shape the creative industry to bring them forward to the government for exposure and promotion.
” Let me assure you that the government is open creative minds. Whatever you think will shape the creative industry in Malawi, please bring those ideas forward to the government. I also call upon investors to come into this as we together promote the hidden talents that our youths have”, He said.

The Minister appreciated the organizers who organized the music show saying the event was really eventful.
On his part, one of the artists who performed at the event Biggie Lu thanked Minister Usi for gracing the event saying this will draw attention from investors to support the talented youths.
” We feel very thankful to see the Minister attending this show. This is an encouragement step to investors who may wish to support us through the events like this. Let me also thank all of you who have attended first ever Amapiano balcony splash. I hope you have enjoyed the day a lot. We promise more similar live shows this summer season for you to feel vibe”, said Biggie Lu.

The Amapiano balcony session was organized by Myuziki Phusha in conjunction with Amaryllis Hotel with an aim of promoting hidden talents among the artists most especially the youths.