Mpinganjira urges football administrators to take football as business which requires huge investment

By Chisomo Phiri

Malawi’s business tycoon and Mighty Mukuru Wanderers president Thomson Mpinganjira, who was a guest of honour at the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) fundraising dinner and dance in Lilongwe on Saturday, has urged football administrators in the country to take football as business which requires huge investment.

Mpinganjira said if football is taken serous and managed well, it produces a lot of profits.

“Football should be taken as a business and we must hugely invest in it so that it moves to the next level,” said Mpinganjira.

Thomson Mpinganjira

He further urged football administrators to be accountable and transparent to win the trust of the corporate world.

The Wanderers President also appealed to companies and individuals to contribute generously to the elite football in the country.

He then warned against biasness towards certain teams and unnecessary noise caused by supporters during football matches.

“Fans must desist from hooliganism and violence as it drives away sponsors. Football is a game not war,” he said.

On his part, the newly elected SULOM President Conel Gilbert Mittawa  announced that the elite league running body will increase the gate charges for the games in the 2024 season to increase the revenues for the teams.

Mittawa said, in this case, class A matches  will be selling at K4,000 while the cheapest matches will be selling at K2,000.

He explained that the move is in line with the current economic situation in the country.

“We have had devaluation and inflation in the country, so we need to raise the revenues for the teams and players who are the main beneficiaries of the gate revenues,” he said.

“Games that we categorize as Class A matches will be selling at K4,000, Class B at K3,000 and Class C at K2,000,” he added.

The SULOM President also revealed that teams are expected to get 30% each from the gate revenues in the 2024 football season.

During the dinner,Premier Bet announced a K260 million partnership with SULOM to be used in the elite league activities.