Msungama donates relief items to Area 23 Moslems

By Linda Kwanjana

There was joy and ululation when Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City South East constituency Ulemu Msungama  donated various food items meant for use during this period of Ramadan. The food items include rice , flour and sugar.

Speaking during the function, Msungama said he decided to come to the area and donate the food items as one way of thanking the Moslems for the Eid players.

Msungama donating relief items

Msungama commended Moslems for the playing for the nation

“First and foremost, I wanted to say from the onset that as you are aware that the Muslims have been fasting, they have been in the period of Ramadan. This is the time where they do fast for the whole month or two days. So, the fasting will be over soon. Now they’re going to break the first thing, which is coming to So, you might have noticed that two days ago I was here also, as they were also observing the ceremony,”  he said.

Msungama hailed the Moslems for the prayers.

“So this is just to appreciate the prayers that have been conducting because these are the people that have been praying for the nation. They have been praying for our economy. They are praying for our families. They are praying to our jobs, our business, everything, every sector in this country, including the president. They have been praying for the president that God should give him wisdom so that they should be able to use knowledge. And then my coming here was just to appreciate and say thank you so much for their prayers, and God is answering us and we are happy for the country that can stand on the gap and pray for each nation.

Sheikh Daud Makoloni Vice Treasure , area 23 Mosque  commended Msungama for the donation. Makoloni  , urged Msungama  to continue doing the good works towards the Moslems.

Ulemu Msungama