Mtambo cast his vote as he warns against those preparing to interfere with electoral process

As the country goes to the polls today, commander in chief of people power movement CFT Timothy Mtambo has cast his vote. Mtambo exercised his right to vote at DC office in Lilongwe. He has however, warned those that are planning to disturb the electoral process

Speaking to Nyasa Times after he voted Mtambo said he was happy that he had exercised his right to vote. Mtambo, wearing his usual baseball cap, this time with words “ Go away” signifying that its now time for Mutharika to go, said he was proud  that the battle that Malawians embarked on after last years elections,  going to court and getting on the streets to demand for their freedom and right to vote  is finally happening.

Mtambo took time to make a rallying call to all the people that haven’t made their way to the polling stations yet “I would like to urge all the people that haven’t gone to cast their vote yet to do so. This is a wonderful moment and people have to take this opportunity and make their voices heard”

However Mtambo had a quick warning to those that are planning  to cause disruptions or interfering in the electoral process warning that Malawians are angry and will not let  anybody try  “ We have heard of reports since yesterday of  some people trying to impinge the freedom of Malawians by planning to manipulate or interfere with the electoral process. My warning to them and anybody else who is planning those kind of things is that Malawians are tired and angry and they wont let

Mtambo has urged all Malawians to be vigilant while refraining from violence at the same time