Mtambo’s Peoples movement launches Diaspora wing

The newly launched CFT movement headed by its commander in Chief Timothy Mtambo has opened the door for Malawians living in diaspora to get involved. The movement has launched its Diaspora branch which so far has members from the UK, Switzerland ,Germany and USA.

Speaking about the launch, the interim spokesperson for group Phyllis Chipojola confirmed the launch of the movement. “Indeed we have launched CFT movement in diaspora . Timothy Mtambo felt it necessary that Malawians in diaspora need to be actively involved in the fight to liberate and save Malawi and so far, we have hit the ground running and are accepting new members to the movement”

Chipojola went on to clarify that so far CFT has endorsed grand alliance of UTM and MCP and others. “We want people to know that this is a movement, its not a political party, we are bringing together like-minded people whose motive so far is to see DPP out of power. It is for this reason that the movement is open to members of the other parties as long as their stand at the moment is to see change in Malawi”.

The diaspora CFT has set up a committee which is currently being headed by Linda Khembo-Nwosu on an interim basis. In welcoming the diaspora movement Timothy Mtambo, has expressed his gratitude and appreciation for those in diaspora that have so far joined the movement  and adopted the transformative agenda of the people power movement.

 “People are so in love with the movement, this is a people’s movement. CFT has so far been in the Norther region setting up structures and we will soon be in the Centre and south and the diaspora involvement is timely and welcomed” read the statement from Mtambo.

Movement Diaspora Leader: Khembo