Malawi Covid19 Cases rise to 37

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

The Covid-19 disease cases in Malawi have risen from 36 to 37 following the newly declared case a while ago from Mzuzu.

Minister of health Hon. Jappie Mhango has announced that an additional case has been identified in Mzuzu as 40 year old Malawian man who was on quarantine after traveling to Tanzania has tested positive of the virus known as Corona.

Looking at the way the disease has-been spreading in Malawi, it is clear that had it been all the borders if this country were closed, there could have been no case of Covid-19 as of April 30, 2020, as almost all except one case are as a result of cross border infections. But until this minute it is not known why the state decided to close institutions like schools and put very strict measures within the country while keeping the borders doing business as usual.

The today’s case in Mzuzu has brought the total COVID-19 Cases to 37, with 3 deaths, 7 recoveries and 27 still positive.