Namadingo delivers another hit- ‘NgeNge’ gets one hundred thousand views in 24 hours

By Jimmy Khonsolo

Talented Malawian music superstar is once again enjoying massive success with the release of his latest song ‘ngenge’. The song has already surpassed 102,000 views in 24 hours on YouTube only.

In the Song ,Namadingo talks about the beautiful ladies that are found in Malawi, declaring that they are any women around but he found his one in Malawi.

The music video has been talk of the town with it featuring a beautiful woman at a perfect setting near the lake.

There has been alot of positive comments with one writing on youtube “This guy is just amazing- James Zimba

One Maya wrote ” for me it is how this guy switches languages; Tumbuka, Chewa and English

Here is the video to the song