Nankhumwa launches coup to take over DPP party-ready to form new party

A day after it was announced that DPP party had called  the current Leader of Opposition to a disciplinary hearing , it appears Nankhumwa and his supporters have been quick to launch a coup  that is aimed at completely taking over the party from the hands of  current leader ,former President Peter Mutharika

Our sources indicate that DPP is at the moment divided into two camps  and the majority of the MPs that the party has in parliament have confirmed their allegiance to Nankhumwa Camp. Reports also indicates that most of the local structures are in favour of Nankhumwa, a thing that has galvanised extra strength for the camp  to go for the full take over  without waiting for the conventions.

According to a strategist in Nankhumwa Camp who spoke on condition of anonymity, the camp is ready to form a new party if the  party hierarchy decides to impose another leader rather than Nankhumwa.

So far , Nankhumwa  and his loyalists have hijacked  the party’s official Facebook page and are posting propaganda  in support of the  him.

The well known DPP online mouthpiece newspaper Malawi Voice has also changed tunes and is posting propaganda in support of Nankhumwa

Nankhumwa was called for a disciplinary hearing , which has since been adjourned accused of making himself leader of opposition in parliament,  visiting opposition members without authorisation from the party president and of suspected use of fake academic certificates.