Ndirande Anglican Voices to release seventh album “Paulo” this month end

By Staff Reporter

Ndirande Anglican voices has announced that their much anticipated seventh album, _Paulo_ , will be released this month end.

The group’s music director Dennis Kalimbe, made the announcement last night during a performance at Mibawa Multipurpose Hall.

According to Kalimbe, the album was prepared some time back but the Covid-19 restrictions forced them to delay the release of the album

“The album is already prepared but we were waiting for government to ease the Covid-19 public gathering restrictions and now that we no longer have the restrictions, you should to get ready for _Paulo_ this month end”

Kalimbe further said the album will be unique as it is taking people through a journey from the group’s first album to the seventh album adding that the album is carrying a message of hope to the people who have lost hope and those that have lost their loved ones.

“We just want to encourage people who are going through some difficult times to stand still because God is in control over everything,” said Kalimbe.

The 18-member-group has so far released two songs namely ‘Usalisinthe Dzina Lako’ and ‘Paulo’ which people have been buying online.

The group which recently celebrated its 21-years of existence, came in the limelight in the early 2000s after the release of their first album ‘Ndasaina’.

The Blantyre-based-group has so far produced six successful albums namely _Ndasaina, Tiyeni Tonse, Mulungu Amatikondera, Ndasamba Mmanja, Zimandikwanira_ and _Namondwe Tonthola._