PAC chairperson Joyce Chitsulo allegedly on Sattar’s list

By Staff Reporter

The Public Affairs Committee-PAC Chairperson Joyce Chitsulo MP for Mwanza West is reportedly among the unpatriotic Malawians who benefitted from Zuneth Sattar’s corruption proceeds, it has been established.

It was reviewed in London by National Crime Agency that in May last year Zenith Sattar through one of his agents in Lilongwe Malawi provided the PAC Chairperson millions of kwacha to stave off the confirmation of the Anti Corruption Bureau-ACB Director Martha Chizuma.

On 29th April last year, President Chakwera appointed Martha Chizuma as the new Director-General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau subject to confirmation by the Public Affairs Committee of Parliament.

Little did Malawians know that the appointment did not please fugitive Sattar and a web of his corrupt cartels that include the office of the Vice President, some Cabinet Ministers and senior State House officials.

Joyce Chitsulo

This was when it was planned to involve PAC Chairperson Joyce Chitsulo to reject Chizuma from assuming the ACBs top leadership position a move that would receive public displeasure a little later.

During the interview by PAC Chizuma is said to have performed exceedingly well but she was rejected despite the fact that there was a tie during voting.

This is a revelation that all the drama that surrounded the confirmation of Martha Chizuma as ACB Director-General by PAC was because its Chairperson Chitsulo received money from Zuneth Sattar and shared it with some PAC members.