Phyzix dedicates Award to his late mother, Martse

By Staff Reporter

Hip-hop artist Phyzix has dedicated his 2022 Maso Award for the Best Collabo of the Year to his late mother Evelyn Josephine Chikoleka and fellow hip-hop artist Martse who passed on in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

According to Phyzix, his late mother inspired him to be the person he is today and that Martse was a great artist who who he said he enjoyed working with.

He wrote on his Facebook page; Much love and respect to everyone who voted for us to win the award for “Best Collabo” for the song LEGENDS at the 2022 Maso Awards. Thank you,”

“This award is dedicated to my late Mother Mrs. Evelyn Josephine Chikoleka and my late lil Brother Martin Fraser Nkhata aka Martse.”

Phyzix also took time to thank the artists he worked with in the song which was was released earlier this year.

“Special thanks to all the Hip Hop “Legends” in the song: Tay Grin, Third Eye, Mfumu Hyphen, The Daredevilz, Barry Uno, Dominant 1, Che Kalonda and Cyclone Mw. We showed unity, guys. And we killed it.”

He further thanked Spyral Mwenya who did the hook for the song and the production team of Martin Anjelz Mumba, Gusto Mw and Way-2-Savage as well as Vj Ken who did the official music video for the song.