Poet Tendai Shaba set to release new poetry collection ‘Living with the Wildflowers’

By Chisomo Phiri

The country’s renowned poet Tendai M Shaba says is set to release his third poignant collection of poetry titled ‘Living with the Wildflowers’ on August 5, 2024.

In a statement,Shaba explains that ‘Living with the Wildflowers’ delves into the profound themes of grief, loss, and pain, offering readers a journey of healing and transformation.

“In Living with the Wildflowers, I have masterfully used the power of words to guide readers through the tumultuous emotions associated with grief and loss. Each poem serves as a stepping stone, helping to turn tears of pain into tears of gratitude, and ultimately, fostering a sense of peace and acceptance,” says Shaba.

He adds that the latest work is a testament to his ability to connect with the human experience at its most vulnerable, providing solace and comfort to those who are navigating their own journeys through pain.

“My evocative and empathetic writing has already touched countless lives, and this new collection is poised to continue that legacy,” he says.

According to the poet, the new collection of poetry will be available in all major online bookstores and bookshops, making it easily accessible to readers worldwide who are seeking comfort and understanding through the power of poetry.

Tendai M Shaba is a celebrated poet known for his insightful and heartfelt works.

His previous books, Moments to cherish (2020), A lady in a Yellow Dress (2023) have garnered critical acclaim for their depth and emotional resonance.

With ‘Living with the Wildflowers’, Shaba continues to explore themes that are both universal and deeply personal, solidifying his place as a vital voice in contemporary poetry.

He has previously been recognised as an influential Malawian poet by the Commonwealth podcast in association with the University of Chester and the Commonwealth creatives foundation.