Police trains Bembeke locals to be Traffic wardens

In a bid to ease congestion and road obstruction in trading centres in Dedza, the police have trained six people as traffic wardens at Bembeke Trading center.

Speaking at Bembeke Trading center where the police donated reflective jackets, head of Traffic Branch at Dedza Police Assistant, Hamilton Kathumba said there has been an observation that many accidents in trading centres happen because of road obstruction by vendors and drivers hence the need to control them at all cost.

“Business people should not be close to the road to avoid being hit by cruising vehicles”, said Kathumba.He further asked the wardens to report all drivers who will be violating the laws.

Speaking on behalf of the wardens, Henry Makungwa, promised that they will work as required of them and will not use their roles to harass others.Bembeke Trading center is along the M1 road and is an accident prone area especially on market days