Police warns against ID selling, buying

By Andrew Mkonda

Police in Lumbadzi in Dowa have warned people that it will arrest anyone found selling or buying National Identity Cards.

Lumbadzi Police Sub Inspector Francis Kakhobwe of Community Policing Branch, sounded the warning on Wednesday following a number of people claiming to have lost their ID’s and are requesting for police report in order to get their National ID’s processed.

Kakhobwe has since advised the people to always report the lost or stolen of IDs to Police immediately after losing it for further action.

He then bemoaned the tendency of some citizens who sell or buy the IDs, to stop the vice immediately describing it as a serious offense punishable by the laws of this country.

“Be aware that thieves can use personal information on the IDs to open fraudulent bank accounts, obtain loans and make unauthorized transactions. National IDs theft can also lead to financial losses, criminal charges and bring about emotional and psychological damages,” he said.