Railway construction project takes shape in Nsanje

By Staff Reporter

Authorities in Nsanje have expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Bangula-Marka railway construction project.

Nsanje District Commissioner Dominic Mwandira said there is good progress and people in the district were geared to have project completed on time.

“The project is expected to open up a lot of business opportunities in the district once completed and people are happy to see that the project is taking shape,” Mwandira added.

Mwandira, therefore, appealed to the communities to continue providing support to the contractor so the project should be implemented smoothly.

Senior Chief Chimombo also echoed Mwandira’s sentiments, saying the economic status of his subjects has improved as some people have secured casual work at the project site.

“Those that have been employed by the contractor are able to support themselves and their families. We know that once this project is completed there will be a lot of activities taking place that will empower communities at large.

‚ÄúThere will be cargo from Mozambican port of Beira coming here to Malawi. This project will benefit all Malawians, not only the people from Lower Shire,” Chimombo added.

Chimombo said the construction of the railway line has driven many to engage in various economic activities in the district as people are investing in construction of lodges and other businesses.

“People of Nsanje would like to thank President Lazarus Chakwera for making this project a reality.

“I’m very delighted that the project is making good progress and this will help to revive the lost economic glory of our beloved district,” Chimombo added.

Group Village Head Ndenguma concurred with Chimombo, adding that the damage of the railway line fueled poverty in the district.

“In those days at least four trains were coming to Nsanje and four trains were leaving Nsanje before the civil war in Mozambique broke out. I recall that I used to go to railway station to see the train. There were a lot of business activities taking place at the station,” Ndenguma said.

He added: Some people were sailing clothes from Mozambique and others were selling chickens and goats. Infact, it was a market day when a passenger train was coming to the district.”

Ndenguma, therefore, appealed to communities to take ownership of the project and refrain from theft of construction materials.

Government is constructing a 72-kilometre railway line in the district, which is connecting to Mozambique, a project that is designed to end within 18 months.