President Chakwera describes Kamuzu as country’s foundation for unity

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has described the legacy left by the father and founder of the Malawi nation, Late Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, who was also first President of Malawi Congress Party, as worthy celebrating.

He was speaking at late Kamuzu Banda’s Mausoleum in the capital Lilongwe during the commemoration of the Late Ngwazi on Saturday, May 14,2022.

“There are few who believe that having a national holiday for reflecting on Malawi’s Founding President is a waste of time. It is their right and Freedom to believe as they please, but I and millions of other Malawians disagree. Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s impact on the foundations of this nation, both in the manner he ascended to power and in the manner he relinquished power, was so consequential and monumental that to reflect on him is to reflect on ourselves as a people. This Ngwazi is the only figure in our nation’s history who led the nation so long that it is impossible to look at him without seeing the best and worst of ourselves as a people.” Said President Chakwera.

Malawi leader told the nation that the leadership of the late Ngwazi should be the mirror for country’s capacity to unite for development, saying equal distribution of several developments in all the three regions of the country signifies his vision and wisdom in uniting the country regardless of the region, tribe, and religion, warning that it would be a tragic to use people’s freedom of belonging to different tribes, and parties, or religions of their choice as a weapon for dividing them in matters of national development.

Further, President Chakwera said ; he has recently signed 15 bills into law in order to make Malawi stronger by ending the lawlessness that prevails in many sectors, adding that Malawi went through 26 years of lawlessness is sectors like agriculture, politics, elections, media, government and non governmental institutions, among other affected sectors, hence a need to remove the imbalance that exists between the freedom and law by restoring the rule of law, emphasizing on unity as a key pillar for achieving this.

President Chakwera and the First Lady laying a wreath

“Without unity and strength, we can not build lasting things or accomplish difficult things. My appeal to all of you on this day is to let this work be completed. My appeal to you is that you do your part in helping make Malawi stronger in upholding these laws.” Read part of the speech by President Chakwera, adding that there is no country on earth that allows people to do whatever they want.

President Chakwera has since directed the Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Wildlife to engage the Mutharika family on how the government can give late Professor Bingu’s resting place the honor and dignity it deserves, saying it is good for the government to provide care for the resting places of the past Presidents who have died.

In the message from the Kamuzu family, Ken Kandodo thanked the Chakwera administration for taking over the Kamuzu Day’s Commemoration as a government event, saying for the past years it was a family and church event, but the taking over by the current administration, signifies how it values positive contributions Kamuzu did in laying foundation for the country.

This year’s Kamuzu Day Commemoration has been celebrated under the theme “Reflecting the culture of unity for national-building”, and was attended by several dignitaries, among others Mama Cecilia Kadzamira, politicians, including veteran Louis Chimango, chiefs, religious leaders, Malawi Congress Party leaders, representatives of different countries in Malawi, and family members.

Ken Kandodo representing Kamuzu Family
Also In attendance Kamuzu’s official hostess Mama C Tamanda Kadzamira