Prophet Shepherd Bushiri The First Black African In Southern Africa To Construct A Touristic And Commercial City, The Goshen

By Burnett Munthali

What appeared like just a mere talk is turning into a reality as a young African born man, Prophet Shephard Bushiri is building a Smart City in Malawi know as The Goshen City.

The Goshen City whose Corporate Brand name has already won The Middle East and North Africa Award MENAA, as the Best Emerging Brand while still in its phase of its construction will boost up the Tourism Industry of Malawi due to the luxurious Designs of Hotels and other modern buildings that are being constructed in the Goshen City Project site, near the  Lake Malawi.

Different foreign investors and business owners are already making bids to buy apartments, shops, factory warehouses for their commercial activities that they want to establish and develop and make profits in Goshen City after its completion.


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
is as well constructing Goshen City International Airport, which will serve as a hub for receiving and sending international tourists, commodities, products, and other business transaction services in the Goshen City.

Some of the infrastructures that are being constructed in the Goshen City are High Schools, Universities institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Conferences Centers, Business Square Markets, Apartments, Beach Resorts and recreation centers.

Goshen City has already successfully ensured food security through its Goshen City Farms that has fed hundreds of thousands of Malawians who were affected due to famine that has affected the whole country of Malawi.

The launch of the first phase of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Goshen City, being constructed in Malawi’s lakeshore district of Mangochi, has delayed due to shortage of foreign exchange in the country.

Goshen City will be Africa’s biggest tourist. attraction center which will help boost Malawi’s. economy.

Mangochi was developed as an agricultural centre and has marine-engineering shops. Cash crops grown in the area include tobacco, cotton, and groundnuts. Rice and maize are intensively grown along the lakeshore, and commercial fishing is also important.

Malawi hosts nature-based and cultural heritage tourism. The prime attractions are Lake Malawi, the third largest freshwater lake in Africa; wildlife in numerous national parks, wildlife reserves, and forest reserves; mountains and scenery; and cultural and historical attractions.

Malawi is open to foreign and domestic investment and grants national treatment to all investors. Foreign investors may invest in almost any sector of the economy and may access government investment incentives.

The significance of airports extend beyond their primary function of air travel; they act as hubs of economic activity, generating employment, stimulating local businesses, and attracting investment. In the contemporary global economy, the role of airports has evolved dramatically.

Authorities at Goshen City Farm, a subsidiary of Goshen City which is led by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, said their Mchinji farm was set to produce about 10,000 metric tonnes of maize in 2023.

This was contained in a press statement released on Tuesday May 16, 2023, signed by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo.

Nyondo said their inspection and assessment at the Goshen Farm in Mchinji had projected a possible production of 10,000 metric tonnes of maize.

He said the idea was to make sure that the magnificent Goshen City lacked nothing and said the farm would as well grow more maize after the harvest through irrigation.