Prophetic Ministry share breakthrough under a theme ‘A day of revival fire’

Written by  Esnath Kalawe

One of the country’s  interdenominational grouping well known as Prophet Themba Ministries, Sunday revived scores of  souls and sharing breakthroughs in  Lilongwe during a one day conference which was held under a theme ‘A day of revival fire’.

The Grouping founded by General Prophet, Themba as an Interdenominational assemblage was incepted in 2014 from a typical village in Ntcheu, named as Prophet Themba Ministries.

Since its inception the grouping has revived scores of souls in and outside the country.

The Prophetic Ministry led by its Founding General Prophet, Themba preached on breakthrough as well as reviving scores of souls in Lilongwe at Glalle Gardens, the preaching that dwelled much on a title ‘a day of revival fire’

Speaking after the sermon, Communications Officer for The Ministry Abwino Edings Chidaniro  said the event was aimed at winning souls of diverse people with messages on revival fire that would overcome challenges in life.

“You can never be successful unless if you are filled with Holy Ghost fire. God is winning souls, we are here as vessels of God to bring souls to his kingdom. The fire that will break the chain that hinders prosperity,” he said.

Chidanironarrates that God have spoken to Prophet Themba as a man of God that would shift ordinally to extraordinally and that healing of Holy Ghost fire would separate hearts from sins.

“Some demons are stubborn to be pushed out they need prophetic Holy Ghost fire to be pushed. And that is what is happening here with Prophet Themba Ministry,” he narrated.

A Lilongwe based Oversea’s Church Elder for the Grouping, Joseph Sambaya said that from time to time people from diverse parts do benefits from the grace prophecy and receive word of God saying this is more to evangelize in Lilongwe.

“From time to time we arrange conferences in different places to give an opportunity to people to receive deliverance, prophecy, and breakthrough that God has put upon their lives,” he said.

Through one of the testimonies a Mzuzu based man (name withheld) who only come to share a testimony said his life has been transformed after Prophet Themba prayed for him after he got very sick in June this year, hence assuring people that the prophet is a man that God is using to change people’s lives.

“For a couple of weeks I was feeling discomfort whenever I was walking as well as sleeping due to deep breath, but when Prophet Themba prayed for me the following day I started getting better up to this day. This ministry has assisted me a lot, I have been healed,” he assured.

Through its wisdom the Ministry registers new members every time they congregate for a conference. For Lilongwe only it has over 200 registered members from different denominations