Public Health Institute challenges stakeholders to priotize researches

By Wilfred Golden

Goverment through Public Health Institute of Malawi (PHIM), has launched the national research agenda II as well as research methodology with a call to stakeholders within the health sector on the operationalisation of the agenda in order to make sure that there is security in the health system.

Halimah Daud, deputy minister of health made the remarks when she officially launched the strategy which run from 2022 to 2030.

She said this is a great moment as the strategy will increase our health system and that the committiment of all relevant stakeholders is essential to our health.

Speaking in an interview on behalf of the minister, Principal Secretary in the ministry of health responsible for administration, Beston Kasamile said the strategy will give an opportunity for stakeholders in health system to have directions on how they will be conducting health related research, as the strategy have looked into people’s priorities and implementation plan, it just shows that as a country we have taken a postive direction.

“We have been conducting various health researches but now we want to do it in a more focused manner and that is why the task team that did the work hard the representation from the academia, civil society organization and at the launch today we had the representation from the District Councils, so this is more focused and more inclusive,” he said.

He also said that as everything needs money it is very impressive that the strategy will be using 2% of the total health national budget.

On his part, representative of Civil Society Organizations(CSOs), Maziko Matemba commended PHIM for coming up with the national research agenda as it will be guiding them in providing feedback as to the ministry and they will make sure that the agenda is implementable by all partners.

“We as CSOs cannot do advocancy without research, so we hope that this agenda will improve data correction, data sharing within the ministry to media as well as to our CSOs so that when we try to inform policy as well as accountability it has to be based on research and based on evidence which has been generated through this agenda,” Matemba said.

The agenda will guide on researchers, policy makers, program implementers, academic institutions, health development partners and other stakeholders on health research priorities for Malawi.