Senior Prophet Liabunya establishes charity foundation to reach out to underprivileged in communities

By Staff Reporter

As part of extending his charity works towards less privileged people in the country, Prophet Austin Liabunya has established a charity foundation called Austin Liabunya Foundation which aims at reaching less privileged people in the communities with financial assistance.

Writing on his Facebook page, Liabunya said there is an increase in number of people seeking for financial help from him hence the decision to establish the foundation.

Prophet Liabunya doing Charity works

He said so far, he has already pumped in K200,000,000 into the foundation so as to help special needs groups such as elderly, orphans, natural disasters victims, bursary for students in secondary schools and universities.

Liabunya is therefore, urging of the mentioned special needs groups to contact him for interviews of confirmation whether they are eligible to be given the financial assistance.

On security of the foundation processes, Liabunya has sent warning to people who create facebook page under his name for scamming that if they dare to do so with his newly established foundation, he is ready to drag them to court for a stiff punishment.

He said, his foundation do not charge any fee for one to apply and that everyone who charges is a scammer and has to be brought to police.