Sombre mood as President Chakwera attends funeral ceremony of cyclone victims

By McLloyd Kudzingo

Malawi leader, President Lazarus Chakwera led Malawians in a funeral ceremony for over twenty victims of tropical cyclone Freddy that has ravaged the country.

The ceremony took place at Naotcha Primary School in Chilobwe Township in the city of Blantyre which is the hardest hit by the cyclone.

Speaking during the ceremony, Chakwera said he was devastated by the tragedy and appealed for more help from international partners and donors to support the survivors.

Earlier in the day, president Chakwera also visited Manja Primary School where hundreds of survivors are camping.

Meanwhile, the official death toll from the cyclone is now over 225 . 707 people have been injured while 88, 313 have been displaced and others are still missing.

Cyclone Freddy made landfall on Sunday, bringing heavy winds and rains sweeping away people, houses and crops.

President Chakwera has since declared a state of natural disaster and ordered the Ministry of Finance to release MK1.6 billion to support people affected by the devastating cyclone.