Standard Bank Pumps MK 90 Million into Fight Against COVID-19

As covid 19 cases continue to rise, one of Malawis biggest banks Standard bank has made donation of equipment that will help fight the virus. In Malawi, covid19 has killed over 80 people and infected over 3,500 people. In the recent weeks we have seen a high rise in the number of cases which has also prompted stricter measures to be enforced such as the mandatory wearing of masks.

According to the statement from the banks its say “Now that we have reached thousands of infections, the need for more support is higher than before. Standard Bank believes in the potential and aspirations of Malawi and her people. As such any disruption to livelihoods among Malawians is our great concern.Our purpose is Malawi is our home and we drive her growth. Going by that,  we cannot stay quiet when there is a problem in our home”

The bank claims that its contribution to fight the pandemic is all about protecting lives, economies, jobs and aspirations. This is why they started deploying a comprehensive response plan to the pandemic just weeks after the country recorded first infections. They have also decongested their premises by allowing employees to work remotely either from home or other designated places. There has also been intensified hygiene practices in all service centres by cleaning all surfaces frequently, placement of hand sanitizers at all strategic spots, leaving most doors open to allow customers and staff move freely without touching surfaces.

On the business front the bank has removed a range of transactional fees on most of our digital products to allow and encourage Malawians use digital banking as one way of avoiding crowded places. Having done all that, the bank still thought it fitting to help frontline personnel as they undertake their task of treating managing people and treating Covid-19 patients.

As part of contribution towards the fight against the pandemic, Standard Bank has   donated assorted items to health facility across the country through the Ministry of Health to help in managing and treating Covid-19 patients. The donation comprises of Personal Protective Equipment; 4,650 protective suits, 9520 masks and 37,480 gloves. In addition to this there are 1000 hand sanitizers and 20 infrared thermometers. The total donation is valued at Ninety Million Kwacha (MK90,000,000).

These items were donated to our major Hospitals across the country. Kamuzu Central Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and Mzuzu Government Central Hospital. In addition to this, the Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi received 1000 hand sanitizers, 20 infrared thermometers, 520 masks, 1000 gloves and 150 protective suits to distribute to Nurses and Midwives across the country.