Sunganimoyo urges Malawi to harness USA relationship

By Vincent Gunde

Leader of Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo, says he sees threats as the country is heading to the 2025 elections that the US Government has capacity to make President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera failure to win the elections.

Sunganimoyo said America is one of the super powers of the world and if it can stop providing aid, donations, grant to Malawi, this has potential to disrupt preparations for September, 2025 general elections.

He said with the development happening to Malawi with its economy on the deathbed, it can affect President Chakwera as a presidential candidate and the country as a whole hence President Chakwera must always be reminded that America is a super power.

Writing in a statement dated 22nd April, 2024 Sunganimoyo says if America stops providing aid to Malawi, Malawians will not sit down saying already they are experiencing skyrocketing prices of essential goods and services and hunger in their midst, they will rise up against President Chakwera not to win the elections.

Sunganimoyo says as a leader President Chakwera must be reminded that America is for transparency and accountability of funds being provided to Malawi so that no penny found its way entering into politician’s pockets.

He says while it is true that corruption is high in America, President Chakwera must not take this as a road to defend corruption suspects in Malawi observing that even if Malawi is a standalone nation, it cannot claim itself fully that it is sovereign.

The FSP leader has reminded Malawians that donor partners had trust with President Chakwera following campaign promises that he will champion fighting corruption in Malawi advising him to walk the talk as per his fighting corruption promises.

“Baring four corrupt Malawi public official entry into USA, President Chakwera has no powers to be against America,” said Sunganimoyo.

He has advised President Chakwera that if the issue has burn him what he would have done was to hold diplomatic discussions in closed doors with the American Ambassador to Malawi on how best to deal with the matter other than defending his corrupt public officials.

He has finally advised President Chakwera to make a reverse gear on what he spoke so that the cordial relationships between America and Malawi continues to grow from strength to strength and not be destroyed.