Muvi wa Chilungamo wants Malawi to have a Senate

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says Malawi needs the House of Senate (chiefs) to bring in the real Ubunthu-social justice system which is lacking in politicians.

Jumah said if the country had the Senate, President Chakwera would have been summoned to appear before it to apologize to the US Government for likening USA with Malawi in defending corruption suspects in his government.

Jumah wants Chiefs to have a Senate

He said it is very sad that the Malawi Parliament and Judiciary cannot summon President Chakwera to appear before it to apologize because these two institutions have been captured by the MCP led Tonse Alliance government and are compromised.

Speaking through his face book page widely read by millions of people in Malawi and Africa, Jumah said if Malawi had a House of Chiefs, they could have gone to President Chakwera to ask him of sugar scarcity in the country and why it is very expensive with two sugar manufacturing companies in Malawi.

Jumah said the Senate in Malawi is in the hands of politicians claiming that corruption has become a cancer disease which cannot end because politicians are the engineers of corruption, the quickest way one could become rich.

He has dismissed President Chakwera’s speech and Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu’s statement that Malawi courts are independent arguing that those that are being jailed are corruption fighters and activists while the real corruption suspects are being shielded basing on party loyalists.

The MRP President has challenged the Malawi Government to arrest people who were sent to arrest ACB Chief Martha Chizuma to prove to the world that Malawi courts are independent observing that out of 84 corruption suspects submitted by the ACB to President Chakwera, only one, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima is answering court charges while 83 are hidden.

“It is not a surprise that President Chakwera spoke in Chichewa attacking the Americans defending thieves just to fool Malawians to side with him for speaking right,” said Jumah.

He has advised President Chakwera not to compare USA crimes with Malawi describing the comparisons in his speech as wrong claiming that America is following up its money to reach the much -deserved beneficiaries and not landing into crooked pockets in Malawi.

Jumah said he has since appealed to the US Government that if it is punishing Malawi, they should punish individuals practicing and defending corruption suspects saying Malawians are rallying behind them in the fight against corruption in their country.