Suspected UTM supporters attack MCP officials in Karonga ahead of the parliamentary byelections

By Durrell Namasani

Some Unknown thugs, who are suspected to be UTM members on Saturday night attacked and beat MCP officials and smashed vehicles belonging to MCP in Karonga.

Karonga North West Constituency is one of the constituencies in the country that are due to have a by election to elect a new member of parliament. It is reported that the thugs ambushed Lovemore Lodge where the MCP Campaign Team is lodging in Karonga.

Speaking to one MCP official and Nkhatabay South MP,  Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma just after the attack  he said  it was true  that they have been ambushed. “ I hear Chimwendo has been attacked , his room broken and vehicles smashed but have spoken to him he says he is fine, They were also after me and Hon Kezzie Msukwa but they dont know where we are ” said the shaken Zikhale Ngoma.

Confirming the attack MCP secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka wrote on his facebook that “ “Unknown” thugs did attack 6 MCP vehicles,!If you can’t win a by election fair and square, don’t engage in violence! They started launching small stones using catapults at the Round about at dusk! They were chased by the police! Then then decided to attack at night!You can’t win people’s hearts through violence! The law will take its course!” said Mkaka

Ambulance belonging to MP Hon Baba Malondela destroyed by UTM supporters

Giving a detailed analysis of what went on, MCP member of parliament for Lilongwe South Peter Dimba who was part of the campaign team in Karonga wrote on his facebook wall that “So out frustration from the massive campaign MCP team led by Hon Chimwendo has had in Karonga NW, UTM started plotting against Hon Chimwendo last week on their Whatsup group and this was officially reported to their SG, Hon Kaliati. Their plot was executed last night when at around 10 pm the thugs came to our lodge where Hon Chimwendo, myself and other MPs were lodging, literally baying for Hon Chimwendo’s blood for turning Karonga upside down in MCP’s favour.”

Dimba went on to give details that the thugs came from a white Toyota Land Cruiser which a UTM  MP and their Mzuzu-based Youth Leader were seen using throughout the campaign.

After attacking MCP officials and damaging 7 stationary vehicles parked in the compound, they also went to another lodge where other MPs like Hon Paul Nkhoma, Hon Jephter Mwale, Hon Gerald Kapiseni and others were lodging. They assaulted them including other innocent guests. One of the Vehicles smashed is an Ambulance belonging to MCP Member of Parliament, Baba Marondela which was part of the vehicles on duty.

UTM is yet to respond to the accusations

Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma campaigning in Karonga before the attacks