Sycamore Consult Limited holds successful 2023 Wealth Creation Conference

By Chisomo Phiri

On Thursday August 31,2023, Sycamore Consult Limited, a Malawian leading training and consulting firm held an attractive and successful ‘Wealth Creation’ conference at Amarylis Hotel in Blantyre.

Under the theme ‘ Resilience and Reinvention in a Tough Economic Environment’ the conference brought together several people including employees, entrepreneurs and students.

In his presentation, Malawi’s business mogul Napoleon Dzombe who was the guest of honor shared his business success story.

Dzombe, who has recently built a magnificent Kalipano Hotel in Dowa district encouraged the conference attendees to always not underrate themselves if they want to achieve big in business.

“Business requires people who have self confident. People who don look themselves down. In business, always gather courage that what you are starting, you will finish it and bring expected results,” he said .

Dzombe indicated that he started business as a salt seller rising up to a person who now owns several businesses in Malawi.

Audrey Mwala

He revealed a secret that one to be successful in Malawian businesses should avoid doing one business for long.

“If you want to survive in Malawi businesses, you should not to be committed to one business.Always change from one business to another.In that way you can grow big,” he said.

On her presentation, Sycamore Consult Limited Founder and Managing Director Audrey Mwala talked more on Wealth Creation.

Mwala said wealth creation is the process of accumulating assets, investments, and resources over a period of time.

She indicated that the process combines key aspects such as strategic planning, risk-taking, and long-term investment.

Mwala insisted that there are no business opportunities in Malawi as some people say.

“I always insist that there are no business opportunities in Malawi and that no one can grow big in Malawian business. If it is so, what about Dzombe, is he doing business in South Africa?, is Kalipano hotel owned by him in America?. Such other peoples’ achievements should always encourage us that everything is possible for everyone here in Malawi, “she said.

She echoed Dzombe that self-confidence is one of the important steps for one to achieve big in every business.

“Be confident. Say I can and I am a winner for this business. Having that courage is only one step that can make you a successful business person everywhere,” said Mwala.

She further challenged those having plans to start businesses to be risk-takers.

“Do not fear to loss what you are investing in your business. Take risks and overcome them and become a winner,” she said.

Sycamore Consult Limited is a Malawian owned training and consulting company registered in Malawi in 2017 with corporate offices in Plantation House, Blantyre, Malawi.

The company is also registered in Zambia, South Africa and operates in the rest of Africa and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Sycamore specializes in providing expert personal skills development and mindset change programs through trainings to employees and entrepreneurs.

The company provides business and project solutions to governments, the private sector, and Non-Governmental Organizations through consultancy works.

It also provides organization development capacity building programs for board of directors, management and all employees of various organizations.

Napoleon Dzombe