Call for Malawians in the diaspora to make investments in Mega Farms

By Durell Namasani

As President Chakwera opened  the private sector mega farms programme  ,  there has been a rallying call  for the Malawians  living in the diaspora to seriously consider making investments  in mega farms. The call has been made by leader of Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Network Chalo Mvula , who claims  national food security  can be another great contribution  by the diaspora.

Speaking to 247Malawi News , Chalo Mvula commended the Chakwera administration  for prioritising  the establishment of mega farms . “ We have to thank President Chakwera and his government , true to what was promised in the manifesto , the government is working hard to get these mega farms up and running  something that is so crucial  to revamping  the country’s  agricultural sector” said Mvula.

Chalo Mvula- diaspora need to invest in Mega farms

Mvula , who is based in the United Kingdom  however encouraged his fellow diasporas to  get on board and make investments  in the agriculture sector , especially  on the  mega farms. He said diaspora investment in sustainable agricultural projects has real potential to impact the lives of poor rural people and stimulating agricultural production thereby reducing import dependency to enhance food security.

The Government of Malawi has committed to transform agricultural production through large-scale farming in the form of “mega-farms” that will be centers of large-scale production and serve as an anchor for other farmers in surrounding communities by attracting private markets for inputs and outputs. Mvula echoed President Chakwera remarks that the induction  of the private sector mega farms programme will significantly contribute to the country’s economic growth  in line with the Malawi vison 2063

The Malawi 2063 (MW2063) Agenda aspires to develop mega-farms to increase agricultural production, productivity, and commercialization, and to contribute to urbanization and industrialization.

President Chakwera at the Private Mega farms Programme launch