The Rise of Power Global Radio – an open talk with DJ Gnice the brains behind the Channel.

It is no lie that social media has shifted the trends in as far as media consumption is concerned. The growing dominance of Facebook has seen traditional media outlets such as TVs that have failed to embrace the new trend facing significant reduction of audiences. Amidst all of this, social media has also given a platform to some talented people who have used the platform to build their own media empires. One such person is Graham Kenala also known as DJ Gnice ,  the man behind a well-known media platform  called Power Global Radio .

Power Global Radio platform rates as one of the most popular platforms among the Malawians audiences on Facebook. Every day audiences gets a dose of the collection of presenters such as Pastor Chance Munthali’s who presents Fresh Bread and God church and Politics. The familiar face of DJGnice in his headphones has become a significant symbol for the Channel.  247Malawi caught with Kenala to get to grips with what his platform is all about and where he sees himself taking this growing platform to. “Powerglobal radio represents a multimedia organization with versatile team members that have a passion to inspire and empower the Malawians community, besides the global communities through civic engagements, entertainment and educational programs” highlighted Kenala.

Graham Kenala aka DJ Gnice- PowerGlobal founder

UK based Kenala, an experienced DJ and media personality launched this platform in 2016 after his stint at Pamtengo Radio. His ambition was to create a platform where Malawians would showcase their talents a  as well as promoting Malawian talent “ We realised that more an more people are   using social media and we had to create a channel so that they can have better access to Malawians issues and promotion of Malawian talent “  Kenala believes  the platform has so far achieved that  as it has impacted Malawians by  imparting  informative engagements   and building Malawians community both home and in the diaspora.

Some Current Affairs Discussion shows that feature on PowerGlobal

On what the future holds, Graham Kenala believes the future is bright and that PowerGlobal Platform will continue to grow as well as continue to benefit Malawians. The organization looks forward to engaging accordingly with various stakeholders to improve its performance and image through its various social, health, economic and educational initiative among others

Recently the platform has been instrumental in broadcasting political messaging from various political parties in Malawi. Kenala insist PowerGlobal will always remain nonpartisan. He was quick however to give the new Tonse alliance administration some free advice as far as media freedom is concerned “The Tonse alliance administration should champion media freedom, association and access to information. They should also work on provision of technological resources to empower many media organisations that are struggling especially in Malawi”.

The Familiar Sight of DJ Gnice

On choosing the name PowerGlobal , Kenala says  it has always been his passion to serve the Malawian community, the African continent  and the world  through engaging people of different backgrounds and affiliations  who can network in unison  for the betterment of the  all humanity  across the globe. It is for that reason why he named the organization PowerGlobal Radio