There are no bloodsuckers-Police quashes rumours

By Mercy Chirwa

Acting Commissioner of Police for Central Region Headquarters, Evalista Chisale Thursday quashed rumours of blood suckers which are making rounds in some of the districts in the country.

She said the rumours are myths since there was no reported case of a person whose blood was sucked to date.

Chisale was speaking in Dedza when Police engaged communities on the issue of blood suckers and to sensitive the community on how they could prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

The Acting Commissioner said that it was sad to note that innocent lives are being lost due to the blood sucking rumours in the central region.

Chisale said “Malawi Police Service was concerned with what was happening in the central region whereby people are being killed on allegations that they are blood suckers.”

She advised the community not to take the law into their own hands, saying it was an offence to punish anyone suspected to have committed a crime.

“It was the communities’ responsibility to report to the Police about anyone they suspect to have committed any crime,” Chisale said.

She added, “The Police is one of the organizations mandated by law to commit all suspected offenders to court where the punishment can be given if the suspect is found guilty.”

During the meeting, Police donated buckets for washing hands and disinfectants to the Trading centres and Police units within the area.

On the issue of COVID-19, Chisale pointed out the need to always practice good hygiene like washing hands with soap frequently as well as practicing Social distance.

She said that it was everyone’s responsibility to join in the fight against the virus which has killed many people worldwide and that it was important to avoid further spread of the disease.

One of the vendors at Lobi Trading Centre, Regina Kutsanja commended the Police for the initiative of sensitizing them on the virus, because a lot of people in rural areas have low access to information about the virus.