DPP attempt to poison MCP Strategist Ken Zikhale fails

The Chief strategist in the opposition Malawi Congress Party Dr Ken Zikhale Ngoma has survived a second attempt on his life. It has been established that the state used two surrogates to put poison in his food at one of the up market hotels as he was busy fine dinning in Lilongwe.

Zikhale who is currently recovering has been a thorn in the flesh for the DPP led government after his strategic direction of the opposition MCP has left DPP under panic and on the brink of losing the forthcoming election. It has also been established that his role as chairperson of the security and defence portfolio committee in parliament has put him on the line. Zikhale is the one who will have the mandate to endorse and approve state of emergency. The ruling DPP was planning to use Coronavirus pandemic to declare state of emergency in order to delay the elections.

Poisoned Ken Zikhale receiving emergency treatment

It has been established that DPP operatives used a young woman to pour some poison in his soup before the main meal was packed with toxic products to end his life. However, a well wisher from the main kitchen tipped Dr Ngoma to avoid the main meal that comprised of prawns and boiled potatoes and oysters. He was to rushed to a clinic in Area three.

After some tests , the clinic doctor, a Dr Banda confirmed that his body had traces of poison. Some parts of his internal system was marred and affected. He has since been treated for bruises and contusions. His oesophagus and intestines have also been affected.

Speaking to 247Media, Zikhale Confirmed that he is indeed not feeling well ” I am really down and have been in hospital due to suspected poisoning”

This is not the first attempt on his life as he previously survived an attempt after nuts and bolts on his car at Mount Soche hotel in Blantyre