TNM reintroduces text-only Facebook without data charges

By Staff Reporter

Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) has reintroduced text-only Facebook without data charges, along with Free Basics, for its subscribers. Text-only Facebook allows TNM customers to access a text-only version of Facebook without data charges. Customers can easily switch back and forth between regular Facebook, with standard data charges, and a low-bandwidth text mode without data charges on their phone at any time. Facebook without data allows users to post text, comment, like and see text on Facebook without using their bundle.

Text-only Facebook can be accessed through the Facebook Android Application, Facebook Lite and on mobile web browsers through, a lightweight site optimized for speed and where TNM’s standard data charges do not apply on browsing.

Through the text-only Facebook without data offer, TNM is enabling customers to stay connected with their friends and family on the most popular social networking website in the world. In addition, Facebook without data allows people to have consistent access to important online resources such as the COVID Information Center on Facebook, local business pages, and government information.

In addition to text-only Facebook, TNM has partnered with Facebook to offer its customers Free Basics, which provides them with access to basic online services without data charges. With Free Basics, TNM customers can experience the relevance and benefits of connectivity without data charges, with the ability to access services such as health information, local jobs, communications tools, and education resources.

Announcing the launch of the service, TNM’s Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Magombo said “TNM realizes that Facebook has become a part of our lives. Through it, we can stay connected to our loved ones and contacts, making Facebook without data a bridging mechanism when customers need it most.”

In the current COVID times, people are not able to meet physically or share moments together, social media eliminates boundaries, and time zones, putting all its users in one room at all times. With the launch of Facebook without data, TNM will enable its customers to make those very important connections everyday all day without the need of data.

TNM is committed to offering more value to its customers. This has been achieved on Voice through the Yanga Dynamic Voice Bundles, Yofewa Rate plan and all-network voice bundles. To provide a holistic offering this value campaign has been extended to cover Data through offerings like Yanga Dynamic (Snapi) bundles. Facebook without data charges and Free Basics are just an extension of TNM’s overall affordability drive.