Truth about scarcity of Coca Cola in Malawi

By Linda Kwanjana

Its now days , weeks since Coca Cola has been trading on low supply. Senior Coca-Cola Beverages Malawi (CCBM) officials have confirmed about the development saying this is so because of forex shortages.

In a small response titled “Coca-Cola Beverages Malawi Ltd – Production Capacity” signed by CCBM General Manager Seutloadi Thaanyane,
shortage of foreign currency is heavily attributed to the problem.

“Coca-Cola Beverages Malawi (CCBM) confirms that production of soft drinks is lower than expected due to the unavailability of spare parts in the country that are needed for the maintenance of production lines.This has been further impacted by the shortage of foreign exchange in Malawi to import the required parts, ” reads the statement in part

According to the statement, the team in Malawi has contingency plans in place to manage the issue.

“These plans include the upgrade to the glass bottle line that was completed in September and the investment to increase the number of glass bottles in the market, ” he said

In the statement, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, of which CCBM is a subsidiary, remains committed to Malawi as a long-term growth opportunity that will benefit its business as well as consumers in this market.

“Our recent investments in increased capacity and the refurbishment of our Lilongwe office demonstrate our commitment to growing our business and the local economy,” said Seutloadi Thaanyane, General Manager of CCBM.

Coca Cola is one of the most loved drink world wide including Malawi. Meanwhile consumers in the country are calling for the CCBM to rectify the situation.

“We are not happy with what is happening, we love Coca- Cola but this scarcity is not helping us,” he said.