Veteran Singer Nyandoro Mthenga back with new song ‘Neba’

After being out of the limelight for some time, Sena Jive star Nyandoro Mthenga has reappeared releasing a new song titled ‘Neba’ in which he has collaborates with youthful artist Black Nina.

Nyandoro said Sunday that the song hits the market today and that the release of the new track is an announcement that he is ready to drop a new album.

“It’s been sometime really since I released new songs, let alone held live performances. Music is my passion and will always continue to sing as long as I am alive but it is important to give people quality music and not look at quantity. This is why I have been quiet, I was trying to improve my music,” he said.

With the industry dominated by young people who have progressed with urban music and showed traits of creativity, Nyandoro said he decided to work with some of them, hence starting off with Black Nina.

“Black Nina is not new to collaborations, he has worked with other musicians and I thought of bringing him in to do ‘Neba’. I look at issues happening in the society in my songs and it is the same with the song ‘Neba’,” Nyandoro said.

Despite working with an urban artist, Nyandoro has remained faithful to his style of music called Sena Jive, which he is known for.

“Sena Jive is my identity and so I cannot dump it. This is the symbol of culture and also tells where I come from. It has been tough again with Covid-19 where artists have had to be restricted in terms of live performances. But this, again, gives a chance to us to work on songs, songs that can entertain and also give people hope during this difficult time,” he said.

Nyandoro, who plays the guitar and a traditional instrument known as sansi, said he is almost done with all the songs in the forthcoming album titled Chilungamo.

“Last year I released another song; so, despite being out, I was still on the ground. At the moment, I am remaining with two songs in the eight-track album but this is just mixing,” he said.

Nyandoro also said that he is not done with collaborations as he is currently in talks with some artists.

Nyandoro, who is from Tengani Village in Nsanje, released his debut album in 1999 which had the hit ‘Binji,’ and he released his second Nyakabusa the following year with the third coming in 2001 titled Mtchona.

In 2004, he released another album Wako ndi Wako, before dropping his fourth in 2012 titled No Name.

The forthcoming album will be his eighth