We are hunted-Msonda

By Chisomo Phiri

Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) National Governing Committee(NGC) member Ken Msonda says he and his collegues Joe Nyirongo and Fredrick Malata are receiving death threats from other Senior DPP members.

Msonda made the remarks during a press briefing he, Nyirongo and Malata organized in Lilongwe on Sunday to address the current challenges and hostilities facing the party .

Msonda stated that him, Nyirongo and Malata are receiving death threats because of not being in support with Peter Mutharika’s presidential candidacy at the party’s convention but also fighting for a democratic course in the party to allow every member interested to run for Presidency at the Party’s convention have a clear equal and clear path.

He also added that thugs have been hired to kill them for a bounty of 1 million Kwacha .

“Pali ena apatsidwa K1 million aliyense kuti aphe atatufe kaamba koti tikulimbana ndamutharika mchipani cha DPP. Koma sakudziwa kuti zomwe tikupanga ife mkuchikonda chipani cha DPP komanso kuwakonda a Peter Mutharika.Kulimbananafe mkutaya nthawi chabe,”said Msonda.

He indicated that he and his collegues are not afraid of the death threats being channelled to them because they are brave and fearless.

“Can you zoom out faces , do you see a face filled with fear here?”, said Msonda .

He added that DPP will not triumph in the 2025 presidential election if it does not solve the current leadership wrangle.

Msonda disclosed that the three also went to court to seek court’s interpretation on whether Mutharika is eligible to contest for presidency once more because the party’s constitution does not allow him to do so.

On his part, Fredrick Malata who is DPP Deputy Director of political affairs said if Mutharika thinks of standing again, he should explain his efforts made so far to bring their house in order.

He also asked Mutharika to explain why since 2013, he has not called for a National Governing Council (NGC) meeting which led to withdraw of some senior officials.

The party’s Director of Operations Joe Nyirongo asked Mutharika to stop the act of racism and love all party members equally in order to bring sanity in the party.

This comes barely days after Peter Mutharika and other key DPP members organized a press conference to address issues facing the country.