World Vision encourages faith leaders to embrace mega farms

By Leonard Masauli

World Vision Malawi has emphasised the importance of faith leaders embracing the mega farms initiative to ensure adequate food supply in the communities the leaders serve.

During the ‘Enough Campaign with Faith Leaders’ held at Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Advocacy and Communications Director for World Vision Malawi, Charles Gwengwe, highlighted the pivotal role faith leaders play in stewardship and responsibility.

“Faith leaders must actively support the establishment of mega farms within their congregations to address food insecurity.

“While we have constructed churches, schools, and hospitals, it is now imperative to develop mega farms to share food resources with those in need and promote sustainable land and water management practices,” said Gwengwe.

He underscored the urgency of the situation, noting “the current hunger crisis affecting approximately 4.4 million people demands immediate action. If left unaddressed, these figures could escalate to over 5 million next year.”

Gwengwe emphasised that churches should not limit themselves to spiritual endeavours but should also actively engage in meeting the physical needs of their communities.

Addressing the gathering, Pastor Caswell Mkanda, Chief Executive Officer at Uthunthu, praised World Vision for its campaign and urged churches to proactively tackle issues such as hunger.

“As stewards and beacons of light, churches are called not only to worship but also to offer practical solutions to societal challenges.

Leveraging our collective expertise and resources, including agricultural experts, economists, and nutritionists within the church, we can establish mega farms to provide sustainable solutions,” remarked Mkanda.