Youth director for Prof Chisi Umodzi party quits

The director of youth in  Presidential Candidate Prof Chisi Umodzi party has announced that he is quitting the party.

Mphande- Quits Umodzi Party

In a letter addressed to the party president and all members of the party , The youth director Pemphero Mphande has  said he has decided to ditch politics all together so that he can focus on his activism work

“As of today, I have submitted my resignation as the Director of Youth of Umodzi Party signaling my intention to quit politics indefinitely and focus on activism and philanthropy” read Mphande comment on twitter.

Mphande who is now a leader of an activist group calling itself Citizens for progressive Action said he did not want to bring conflict of interest with him being active both in politics and activism. Mphande was elected director of Youth in September 2018. He was instrumental in writing the partys manifesto for the 2019 elections

Prof Chisi  has not commented on the resignation yet.