British man raise 5 million kwacha to build wells in Dedza

A MAN has raised more than £5,100( over 4 million malawi Kwacha) to support a community in Malawi, Africa.

According to the news report in Lancashire Telegraph a British man by the name of Adnan Patel took the plunge and completed a bungee jump and raised £5,100.

Mr Patel’s money has funded the construction of six water wells in Malawi.

The money was raised for the Dedza Welfare Trust.

A trust spokesman said: “Adnan Patel is the son of our hard-working well-wisher volunteer Salma bhen Patel of Blackburn.

“We thank Adnan for his brave and gallant efforts in doing a bungee jump for the needy of Malawi.

“The water wells are ready and already saving countless lives for years to come.

“Some of the villagers are seeing water on their door step for the first time in their lives.

“The smiles on the entire communities is priceless.

“We at Dedza Welfare Trust wholeheartedly thank Adnan for his tireless efforts and generosity.”