A tribute to late Atoht Manje

By Wiza Alfonsina Msanyama

Atoht Manje, your song “Zilibwino” echoed with the words “Awuzeni Zilibwino,” but today, the world feels far from well. Your untimely departure is a surreal nightmare, and we struggle to come to terms with the reality of your absence.

Just a mere ten days ago, you graced us with “Nchape,” a song that delved into the depths of human nature, exposing the poison of gossip and jealousy.

The late Manje

In your unique style, you implored the haters to partake in a concoction called Nchape, hoping it would cleanse them of their malicious tendencies.

This song struck a chord because it addressed a pervasive issue, a world where people wear masks of support but secretly plot our downfall.

You were not just an artist, you were a chameleon of music, effortlessly switching between genres and excelling beyond our expectations.

Your live performances were nothing short of captivating, luring even the most stoic of individuals to the dance floor.

I, too, succumbed to the enchanting power of your music and found myself dancing with abandon, pen and notepad in hand, as I interpreted the rhythms through my very being.

I recall that memorable night at Chigwiri Culture Club, where your vibrant performance shared the stage with the talents of Saint-Realest and Sam C Simakweli.

Another unforgettable moment was at Mtimamalo Bar in Nathenje, where your sizzling Huwa live act nearly transformed me into a karate master, executing swift kicks and fancy footwork while I grooved to the beats.

Your song “Tizipepese” reminded us of the importance of embracing moments of happiness, especially in the face of life’s trials. However, the fuel scarcity that plagues our lives today adds an ironic twist to the song’s message, as attending gigs becomes an uphill battle.

In “Tizipepese,” you humorously lamented that none of the beautiful tombstones in the graveyard belonged to your relatives.

Today, as we bid you farewell, we wonder if you have finally found a resting place adorned with a beautiful tombstone. Only the divine knows our destinies, and we trust that you have found peace.

Your songs were not mere melodies; they were profound expressions of religious themes and societal realities. They will continue to resonate with us, inspire us, and shape our lives. Atoht Manje, your music will endure, and your spirit will live on.

As we mourn your passing, we also celebrate your life—a life dedicated to sharing your unique voice with the world. You may have left this earthly stage, but your legacy will forever shine brightly in our hearts.

Rest in power, Atoht Manje, and may your soul find eternal serenity.

Written with love and respect, Your music will live on.