Author Jack Kachingwe writes inspirational book ‘Make Yourself More Important’

By Chisomo Phiri

Renowned author Jack Kachingwe has published a book titled ‘Make Yourself More Important’.

In an interview with our editor Chisomo Phiri, Kachingwe said his new book is all about helping readers to stand out in this competitive world by aiming at gaining value in their respective life endeavours.

Said Kachingwe:” I mean standing out to be masters of their craft, because we are all naturally important but not equally important, and what makes us differ is not race, tribe or nationality but our input to the world.”

Jack Kachingwe

He said the book carries the main message of how people should be effective to make a difference in the world and the hunger that will drive them to do so because there are many issues around the globe and it takes a responsible man to deal with such issues accordingly.

“Nothing happens if no one takes a step. So the message is encouraging each one of us to tirelessly make ourselves more important by challenging the existing challenges,” he said.

Asked on what motivated him to write the book, Kachingwe said:” I want to be effective too and I cannot do that alone, that is what motivated me to write this book so that I can inspire and encourage someone like me to take a step into effectiveness.Believe me, this is revolutionary to my generation.”

The author said he is still working on sites to market the book, but currently, people can access it direct from him by calling 998048041.

“They can also reach out to GrandPen Publications for directions and other enquiries,”said Kachingwe.

He then disclosed that he is planning on launching the 121 pages book in July or mid-August this year.

Asked on how he sees writing industry in Malawi,Kachingwe said:” Well, Malawi’s writing Industry needs a like spark to bring its full light, because we have a lot of talented writers in Malawi but we sleep on their beautiful work, so maybe if we could give writers more room, I believe Malawi can find a better space in what i should call ‘Writers World Map.”

Apart from being author, Kachingwe is also a businessman,a minister of faith and an actor.

He started writing in in his secondary school days and ‘Make Yourself More Important’ is his second book.