CFT Diaspora Spokesperson Phyllis Chipojola thanks Malawians for unseating Mutharika

The Spokesperson of the Citizen Transformation Movement (CFT) Diaspora chapter Phyllis Chipojola has thanked all Malawians that have been brave to vote out Mutharika from office.  Chipojola was speaking after unofficial results shows that Dr Lazarus Chakwera will be the likely winner of the presidential race that took place on Tuesday June 23.

Speaking to 247Malawi Media, Phyllis  ,commonly known as ‘Sweetjuici’ who is also a very vocal social media activist  said  Mutharika deserved to go  after taking Malawians for granted “Malawians have been subjected to  a lot of problems  under the DPP regime, the economy of the country was in a mess , escalating levels of tribalism and  nepotism,  people with albinism have been living in fear,  high levels of corruption , we couldn’t have gone on  like that  and that why Malawians  should be applauded for standing up  and getting rid  of this mess” said Chipojola

CFT Spokesperson Phyllis Chipojola

CFT people power Movement was launched  in April by Timothy Mtambo , who is also the commander in chief of the group. A Month after, the movement roped in Malawians from diaspora   after electing Linda Khembo Nwosu as its Diaspora leader. Chipojola who took the role of Publicity secretary says the movement is nonpartisan and will continue to aim on providing checks and balances to the new government.  “CFT is not a political party, it’s a movement with the philosophy to fight for a better Malawi, if the new government will not put the wishes of Malawians at heart we will always speak out “ she added.

Mtambo , flanked by CFT Diaspora leader Linda Khembo (R) and Chimwemwe Nachela

On the role the diaspora has played in these elections, Phyllis said it was a historic moment to see a lot of Malawians living in diaspora getting involved in the political affairs . “DPP poor governance brought the diaspora together, we couldn’t just sit down here while our brothers and sisters , we had to get involved. CFT diaspora leader Linda Khembo even had to go to Malawi to be there on the ground and make sure that DPP is out of power” .