Chakwera in Mangochi as he declares God has answered Malawi prayers-Change unstoppable

By Chalo Mvula

The torch bearer of Tonse alliance who is also the president of Malawi Congress Party Dr Lazarus Chakwera has told people of Mangochi and Malawians that God has answered prayers and that nothing will stop the change that is about happen in the country. He was speaking at a rally, he and the alliance partners conducted at Mbwadzulu School Ground in Monkey bay Mangochi  on Sunday afternoon

Dr Chakwera started by applauding former president Dr Joyce Banda, who delivered a moving speech in Yao as one of the inspirational women leaders in Africa . He also singled out Hon Sikia Mia and Dr Michael Usi as leaders who made it possible for Tonse alliance to happen.

Chakwera in Mangochi

Addressing the gathering, Chakwera who titled his speech as “Mulungu Watiyankha” (God has answered our prayers) began by thanking the people of Mangochi for being ready to vote for Chakwera and Tonse alliance . He said Malawians have been praying, fasting and continues to pray and he believes God has answered the prayers and change has come to Malawi.

Chakwera thanked God for the election court case outcome highlighting that, it was an outcome, that has given opportunity for Malawians to vote again. The alliance leader however, warned that there are some people who do not want elections to take place and are trying to do whatever they can to sabotage the electoral process. He was sure that, any attempts to delay election will not succeed as Malawians are hungry for change and God is on peoples side as they have suffered for so long .

Chakwera being welcome by other Tonse alliance leaders

Chakwera said the coming together   of 9 political parties to form Tonse alliance was also an act of God . “The parties in Tonse alliance we share the same struggles, it is the struggles that women face , young people  face , hospital workers face , civil servants face  and businesses face as nothing is working and the government isn’t doing enough to improve the livelihood of people of Malawi” charged Chakwera.

On political violence, he urged Malawians that they should be tolerant to each other. He cautioned people of Mangochi and all Malawians to refrain from being used as tools for political violence by some politicians who gives them money to throw stones and attack political opponents. He expressed that the Tonse concept means as Malawians we are all one   and if not careful one can find themselves hurting their own relatives or family.  He warned political leaders to refrain from rhetoric that inflames violence, either be religious or dividing people to regional lines but to preach unity so that the country can have a fair election.

In the absence of his running mate Dr Saulos Chilima, Chakwera dived into the Tonse alliance manifesto by reminding  people that his government will aim at improving agriculture  and making sure every household has enough food by reducing the price  of fertiliser.

He promised people of Mangochi that both Mangochi boma and Cape Maclear  will be made cities . He also said it will be his government aim to promote tourism  in the district and as such will make sure that the proposed Masauko Chipembere airport is constructed in the district.  He went further to declare that he will make sure the fishing industry is helped, with the construction of a fish factory with good facilities  so that Malawi fishing industry can thrive “we have unique type of tilapia in Malawi which is never found anywhere else in the world, so our fishermen need to be empowered and the industry promoted so that economically we benefit from it “he declared

part of the crowd that attended the rally

Chakwera also attacked DPP of empty promises . He told the gathering that at one point in the past , late president Bingu Mutharika had him in a committee  that looked at establishing 6 more universities in Malawi. One of the universities was meant to be in Mangochi.  He however said the DPP government has not lived up to its word, but he will make sure once he becomes leader that a new University is built in the district

The Mangochi rally was also attended by former President Dr Joyce Banda , Khumbo Kachali , Sidki Mia , Michael Usi and Commander in chief Timothy Mtambo who all spoke against  political violence in the country.