Lawi’s life in ‘Thirties’

Afro-jazz artist Lawi is back with a new album. The artist, who first came to the limelight in 2012, is now celebrating reaching the new project.

Thirties is the name of the album. It is a great time of my life and I am excited to share the feeling,” he said in an interview.

Lawi said the new album simply talks about this time of his life.

“I am now in my early thirties and it is a wonderful time where I have accomplished some goals and looking forward to doing and achieving more and the album shares all the beautiful experiences I’ve had this far,” he said.


While Lawi is in the last stages of the recording the album, the musician is keeping a tight lid on some details, saying they are a surprise to his fans.

“As regards the number of songs on the album, I would like to leave it as a surprise for now but there are enough songs to quench a thirst for music that engages both the body, mind and soul,” he said.

Lawi said the album features musicians from four African countries whose identities he is yet to reveal.

For now, Lawi says the album will be distributed on online streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and YouTube just like with Sunset in the Sky.

“We are producing CDs for those who would like to collect and enjoy the music in the comfort of their homes and cars. These CDs will be distributed by the companies we signed distribution agreements with globally,” he said.

Just like other musicians both locally and internationally, Lawi has not been spared of Covid-19 effects which have slowed down his plans for the album.

Thirties comes with a subtle difference and he has engaged the hands of one of versatile producers in South Africa, David Mutanda.

“David, my band director mastered my work. He is a big producer as well, having produced great African musicians such as Lokua Kanza, Unathi, Kelly Khumalo and many more,” said Lawi.

Mutanda urged fans both in Malawi and across Africa to be on the lookout for Lawi.

“Lawi is a one of the humblest musicians l have worked with. Being in the industry for over 20 years, you can tell I’ve worked with many musicians and celebrities but Lawi is one of a kind; a very talented guy yet, still very humble. I’m greatly honoured,” he said.

Source: Nation Malawi