Atupele lights electricity in Rumphi- critics call this a joke

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) Alliance running mate for the forthcoming fresh Presidential election, who is also the Minister of energy today officially marked the installation on electricity in Thazima Rumphi. Atupele who is in the north as part of his campaign trail was accompanied by Member of parliament for the area Kamlepo Kalua.

The event which was extended MAREF PHASE 8 Powerline however has received widespread criticism as it highlights lack of proper development from the government “we are a joke of a country ” commented one on facebook. others have questioned why up to three cabinet ministers can attend an event like this . a claim they said is waste of governement resources. Ministers Kamlepo Kalua, Jappie Mhango were also in attendance

Atupele who is in the north for campaigning donated maize flour to 400 needy households in Mzuzu on sunday.

Speaking Sunday at Katoto Secondary Ground when he led DPP and UDF leaders in a charity initiative during which he distributed maize flour to the needy, Muluzi called for the need for Malawians to be united.

He said he was sent by the President, Prof. Peter Mutharika to deliver the donation on his behalf and that noting the high turnout of the needy.

Muluzi pledged that he would on Tuesday district 10,000 tablets of soap and maize flour bags respectively.

 “I want to ask fellow politicians to make sure that they take a leading role in encouraging their supporters to live peacefully and assist each other in times of need so as to promote development in the country,” he said.

 Since last year, the country has been going through difficult times as evidenced by protests and demonstrations which in most cases turned violent leading to destruction of both public and private property.

“Many businesses came to a halt as a result of such demonstrations which is negatively affected and continue to affect the country’s economy. It was for this reason that I am in Mzuzu to provide the little that I have to cushion people’s livelihoods which were disturbed by following the demonstrations.

We are one Malawi and despite having different political views, we need to co-exist peacefully for the good of our country,” Muluzi said.

DPP Regional Governor for the North, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira said the people in the region suffered heavily during the 12 months demonstrations which were being staged by Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) and opposition parties.

“As a region, we experienced heavy damage of property and businesses and I believe it would take long to recover from such damages mainly at household levels.

Each of the beneficiaries who were all not in any party regalia went away with 25 kilogramme of flour and tablets of soap.