Chakwera’s top critic, Kajoloweka, hails Malawi leader for raising student allowances

By Linda Kwanjana

Youth and Society (YAS) Executive Director Charles Kajoloweka has hailed Malawi President Dr Lazarus MacCarthy Chakwera for hiking the students upkeep allowances.

Kajoloweka said the adjustment of the upkeep allowances  aligns well with pressing of young Malawians pursuing higher education in the country amidst a faltering economy


Other stake holders in the Education Sector already commended the government for effecting a 60% adjustment in upkeep allowance for students enrolled in public institutions of higher learning from K350,000 to K560,000.

Kajoloweka further urged parliament to review the Higher education students loan and grants board act of 2015 to extend loan accessibility to diploma students and other marginalised.

Kajoloweka said the decision to hike the allowances will foster inclusivity in Higher education financing, ensuring that wider demographic can access financial support for their educational pursuits.

President Chakweral Government on 25 March, 2025, announced upward adjustment of upkeep allowance for students in public institutions of higher learning from K350, 000 to K560 000 per annum representing a 60 percent increase.