Charity ACT saves 60 lives in T/A Masumbankhunda

By Staff Reporter

On Monday,a youth organization called Ambassadors Charity Trust(ACT) conducted an outreach to over 60 vulnerable people living in Dambulemi Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Masumbankhunda in Lilongwe where among other things it donated basic necesities of life valued over five hundred thousand Malawi Kwacha.

The outreach was conducted under the “One Hand, One Life Project” which was launched by Organisation in April, 2021.

The items donated include clothes, beddings and school materials.

Speaking after the donation, Programs coordinator for ACT Connie Lulanga said the aim of the project is to ensure that the lives of the underprivileged in rural Malawi are uplifted so as to help reduce the Wealthy-Poor gap in societies.

Lulanga thanked all partners who have been supporting the initiative since it started in 2021.

Appreciating the gesture, GVH Dambuleni said: “
There are a lot of people in the area that are in extreme poverty and that the donation to them is a great relief.”

ACT is implementing two projects in T/A Masumbankhunda thus “One Hand, One Life” and Climate Justice for Dzalanyama Forest Reserve.