Deputy Minister Kakhobwe congratulates Dowa Council for Strategic Investment Plan

By Vincent Gunde

Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation Liana Kakhobwe-Chapota, has congratulated the Dowa District Council for coming up with the WASH District Strategic Investment Plan (DSIP) saying this will shape the future of the district in as far as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene are concerned.

Kakhobwe-Chapota said the Strategic Investment Plan is very commendable as the country is moving towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 6) which is about clean water and sanitation for all.

Liana Kakhobwe-Chapota,

She said the DSIP for Dowa is aimed to improve the provision of WASH services in the district saying the Ministry will engage stakeholders at different levels to ensure effective and efficient provision of clean water and sanitation for all.

Speaking at the launch of 2024-2028 Dowa Strategic Investment Plan for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) held at Linde Hotel, Mponela in Dowa district. Kakhobwe-Chapota said President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is committed to improving access to safe water and improved sanitation services to all Malawians saying the DSIP for Dowa is aligning to the President’s vision.

Kakhobwe-Chapota said her Ministry is very committed to support the implementation of the DSIP for Dowa so that it improves the well-being of Dowa district saying the council has made a commitment to ensure that there is better sector coordination and harmonization of WASH investments in the district.

She said at national level, government has allocated significant resources to improve the quality and accessibility of WASH services and facilities and collaborating with relevant line ministries like Health, Education and Gender to enhance WASH for all.

”DSIP is a vehicle for ensuring that the aspirations for both international and national development strategies for the WASH sector are prioritized and implemented in a more effective and efficiency way,” said Kakhobwe-Chapota.

Speaking earlier, Principal Secretary for Water and Sanitation Elias Chimulambe, thanked Self Help Africa (SHA) whose financial support to the Dowa District Council has been a key in the development of the district.

Chimulambe said his Ministry is proud of the achievement of the Council in coming up with the Strategic Investment Plan for WASH saying the multiple engagement with WASH sectoral players that took place into development process underscores with the Ministry’s commitment to ensuring that the WASH sector is well coordinated.