DPP claims Tonse Alliance taken Malawians back to dictatorship

By Vincent Gunde

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has claimed that Malawi Congress Party (MCP) led Tonse Alliance government has taken Malawians back to dictatorship saying most of the institutions such as Malawi Police Service, Malawi Defense Force including the Malawi Parliament, have been captured.

The DPP says it is difficult to explain a situation where the Leader of Opposition in Parliament is an independent Member of Parliament saying this is against Parliament’s own standing orders yet Speaker of Parliament Catherine-Gotani Hara is blaming another arm of Government for tying her hands.

It says its members know that this is a deliberate ploy by the MCP led Tonse Alliance government to weaken the opposition and entrench dictatorship and one-party rule in Malawi reminding government that Malawians rejected one-party rule in 1994.

In its response to the 2024-2025 Budget statement through its Spokesperson for Finance and Economy Joseph Mathyola Mwanamvekha dated 11th March, 2024 the DPP says Malawians have ended up in Bagamoyo coast from the promised land-Canaan.

Mwanamvekha says instead of taking Malawians to the promised land, the MCP led Tonse Alliance government has taken the citizens to the land of hopelessness, hunger, diseases, corruption and poverty saying millions of Malawians are disappointed with the way the economy is being managed by MCP and its Tonse Alliance partners punishing the very same people that voted for them into government.

He says Malawians had a hope for a better country with the MCP led Tonse Alliance in government but instead of realizing that hope, they are now contending with high prices of goods and services such as soap, sugar, cooking oil, and many others.

The DPP Finance Spokesperson says when the DPP lost office in June, 2020 the stock of public debt was K4.3 trillion observing that as at end of 2023 the public debts reached K12.56 trillion saying it is sad that in just 3 years, Malawi’s public debt has more than tripled.

“In 3 years alone, the Tonse Alliance government borrowed a whooping K10 trillion, yet there is nothing on the ground to show for it, what has this money used for because road infrastructure is crumbling across the country” questions Mwanamvekha.

He says the Malawi economy is on a deathbed, unemployment rate is 91 percent and rising, food inflation, high cost of living saying the economy will remain in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) describing the 2024-2025 as hypocritical and deceitful budget that is dead on arrival.

Mwanamvekha says the 2024-2025 Budget is over ambitious and unrealistic as most of the targets and assumptions will not be achieved observing that it contains a lot of contradictions, fiscal and monetary inconsistencies and it is a ticking bomb awaiting to explode.

He assured Malawians not to despair saying in 2025 the DPP will take them back to Canaan from Bagamoyo Coast where the Tonse Alliance government has put them and will rescue the economy from the current economic and social crisis.