Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma calls for Kamuzu home village of Chiwengo to be made tourist hub

As the Tonse government continues to explore ways of promoting the tourism sector in the country, the strategic director of Malawi Congress Party ,Dr Kenneth Zikhale Reeeves Ng’oma has urged authorities  to consider upgrading Chiwengo village into a tourist hub.  Chiwengo Village is the home of former president and father and founder of Malawi nation Ngwazi Dr Hasting Kamuzu Banda.

Speaking to 247malawi News, Dr Zikhale Ng’oma said Malawi is blessed with a lot of heritage places  that if fully utilised can be big tourist attraction centres . He singled out Chiwengo, as the place rich in history and that has potential to be a big tourist hub. “We are talking of Kamuzu here , the father and founder of Malawi, those of old will remember well  the story of Chiwengo village  where the Ngwazi came from , the modern generation will not only benefit from the rich history that comes from Chiwengo  but both local and international tourist will flock to the village” argued Zikhale

Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma: Chiwengo needs rehabilitation to be a tourist hub

Zikhale acknowledged that for this to happen, the village need to go through full rehabilitation as most of the roads and houses are not in good condition “ the village need to be rehabilitated to inject some life in it , the street lights need to be brought back and the roads  around the village worked on”

The Tonse administration has made tourism promotion one of the key areas as it has potential to contribute hugely towards its target of creating one million jobs. Tourism Minister Dr Michael Usi  is on record saying he aims at promoting both local and international tourism  to help boast the economy of the country.

Gates towards Chiwengo Village