First Lady Madam Chakwera to join Diaspora women this Saturday  at the Launch of a Network group

By Chalo Mvula

The First Lady Madam Monica Chakwera will this coming Saturday be the guest of honour at the launch of the diaspora women group called Malawian Women in Diaspora Network . The Launch, which will be done virtually using Zoom Platform will bring together women of Malawi Origin currently living in the diaspora who have come together to push for various causes that help Malawi.

According to the group, the formation of the network is coming at the back of another event that the First Lady had with diaspora women early in the year. The group , which prefers to be regarded as a “sisterhood” has set its vision to connect Malawian women and girls in order to build networks and partnerships that will allow collective efforts and ingenuity to be more meaningful and fruitful in various communities of residence, but particularly in Malawi.The group will aim to create connections through the use of a web based database

The launch event has been entitled “Sisterhood for Change”, and will take place online this Saturday, 2 October 2021 from 2.00p.m – 5.00p.m Malawi time.  A List of Speakers on the day include  Joyce Obaseki, Dr Fulata  Moyo, Dr Dalitso Sulamoyo , Dr Grace Kumchulesi, Ruth Mbera, Bhatupe Mhango Chipanta, Tina Sayenda and Mavis Kanjadza. The main activities will include a demonstration of the website functions, presentations of two “focus projects” that will demonstrate how the network will be involved, and presentation. Canga Kamwambe and Fatima Nkata  are set to be the event moderators.

Among the core objectives of the sisterhood, the women will Champion and support various charities and individuals in the Diaspora involved in various activities in Malawi by contributing to awareness, information, communication and visibility drives, fundraising campaigns and other events. They will Champion awareness campaigns for the women in the Diaspora on the business and investment opportunities available in Malawi and their associated processes. In addition, contribute to capacity building and the pursuance of various projects by Malawian women in the Diaspora. They will Champion initiatives, remunerated or on a voluntary basis, that women in the Diaspora can participate in for Malawi. Such activities will prioritize knowledge and skill transfer, health and education, issues of law, human rights and gender equality, politics and governance; achieved using virtual resources, short-term employment in Malawi or work during vacations.

The Group will also be a resource for research that will contribute towards innovation and solutions to suit unique Malawian problems. And lastly, the network will aim to Promote patriotism, sisterhood and collaboration amongst Malawian women and girls living in the Diaspora. In addition, they will create Malawian role models and mentors for young women in all sectors.